The Best Cards illustration

Corporate Christmas Card

Illustrations for Greeting Cards & Invitations

Anna created illustrations, concepts and designs for numerous cards and stationery products including greeting cards, corporate cards, invitations, and special occasion cards, stationery signs & elements. As the creative director for invitations and stationery studio and online shop she creates new styles almost every day.

Anna processes traditional 2D design and art skills and is able to work on different subjects with various levels of completion. She is proficient in multiple artistic techniques including crayon, ink, water color, artistic markers, silk painting, acrylics, quilling, crafting. She is also proficient with digital painting in Photoshop and creating vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

Here are featured some of the cards that show both illustrations & designs created by Anna. Some illustrations were drawn manually with digital postproduction and some represent scanned hand art (crayons, artistic markers & etc).