Aquarelle Magazine


For over 5 years Anna was responsible for the visual style of the AQUARELLE magazine and was overseeing the creation of page layouts that accompany magazine stories, supervised design efforts, and determined the overall look and feel of the finished magazine mock up prior to publication (imaginary, style, covers, special projects, online version).

She was the one who created and developed the style for the magazine and directed creative department in developing artwork and page layouts from the first edition of the magazine thru #50.

Magazine layouts


Anna determined the look for each magazine and each project and articulated creative vision to graphic designers, layout artists, illustrators, photographers, and stylists. She guided creative staff according to her art director’s vision. Among her direct responsibilities were style guidance for all the publications, creating of the magazine issue cover, reviewing and approving all designs, artworks, photography, and graphics developed by creative team. She coordinated all artistic activities including photo shoot planning and production, booking talent for shootings, providing production support, managing postproduction process, working closely with wardrobe and prop stylists on choosing pieces according the theme, training and coaching designers in corporate environment.

She performed managerial duties leading staff meetings and creating weekly and monthly production calendars, developed detailed budgets and timelines, and met with advertising clients for discussing advertising layouts. Anna worked closely with Editor in Chief on magazine sections and production planning as well as with Marketing Department on all advertisements and advertising publications. She has also contributed her illustrator talent and created digital and manual illustrations for magazine layouts.


Wile working at Aquarelle magazine Anna was in charge of development of special editorial projects including magazine yearly calendar, exclusive monthly photo projects, creative support for annual gala awards (overseeing development of the awards, event set design, promo marketing development).


Anna contributed to Aquarelle creating illustrations for monthly story feature including hand drawn illustrations, vector art & mixed media art.