UI/UX Design


prototype work

UI/UX Design

Anna has completed a course in UX Fundamentals (Certificate of Excellence) and she is able to perform user research observation, create wireframes (InDesign, Illustrator, hand sketches), site maps to explore user flows, prototypes (InDesign, Axure,Illustrator) as well as perform usability tests and filing test reports & analysis.

UX Certificate

The Best Cards, ECOMMERCE
Website to find & book a restaurant

Web Design

Anna has solid understanding of web building practices including creating web layouts in Photoshop & Illustrator, working with WordPress, HTML & CSS styles, creating web layouts for online promotions on social media, web site advertisements, eBlasts, working on responsive design for web. She has experience working with eCommerce platform including adding and modifying products, creating categories, optimizing images for web and creating galleries. She has knowledge in SEO for web site visual and text content (including writing image & product properties, writing SEO articles & more).