Product Photo Retouching

sephora2018 product retouching
sephora social image retouching by annas
coldrops product launch 2018
walmart patio catalogue retouching annas

Anna performed high end retouching for well known clients. She edited images that were used in catalogues and magazines, eCommerce and social media, retail store marketing, promo material, book covers, outdoor advertising, and more. Anna retouched such products as make up, skincare, perfumes, beauty tools, jewelry, electronics, fashion retail products (off figure and on figure shots), food, health supplements, and etc.

In order to achieve flawless product look she uses the following techniques:
– color & tone adjustments;
– removing of reflections and unwanted details;
– changing of labels (replacing labels on 3D objects with vector graphics for perfect, clean look);
– replacing backgrounds;
– adjusting product shape (garments);
– clipping path and object isolating services;
– creating or editing shadows;
– cleaning up the subject and/or the background from imperfections;
– giving a photo its final feel according to client specs.