fashion & beauty retouching

Fashion & Beauty

For past 10 years Anna performed re-touching for fashion retailers and editorial clients on an ongoing basis. Background in art and photography and understand human anatomy as well as nature of light help Anna to significantly improve any image without making it look unnatural. While treating fashion or beauty image can:
– fix skin blemishes
– improve skin look without losing its realistic texture and pore details
– remove/soften wrinkles
– adjust features if required
– fix makeup and hair imperfections
– perform hair (roots) color change
– adjust skin tone and fix light/shadows
– adjust body shape keeping it natural
– fix garments on model (fit clothes)
– adjust garment color or change it completely
– revise prospective distortion
– edit background (remove any distractions, soften or change)
– give a photo its final feel/style (color, tone) as per client preference